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Empowering Innovation with Access to AI Technology

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Innovation plays an essential role in triggering smart and sustainable growth and job creation.


Research is central to developing new and innovative products, processes, and services, which enable higher productivity, industrial competitiveness, and ultimately prosperity

Our 'Open Lab' offers businesses and individuals access to hard tech prototyping equipment and training to enable accelerated engineering.

Let's discuss your big idea!

Think Big. Start Small. Grow Fast!

Our Solution Architects assist you to quickly launch AI initiatives at scale using a variety of techniques, including machine learning, large-scale optimisation, and simulations.


Our Approach is to think big, start small, and grow fast. With this framework, we help companies and individuals deliver results in weeks or months, rather than years.


Our Experts will help you to:

  • understand relevant skills you need to execute your idea.

  • allocate a solution architect to help you build and deploy your AI product/solution 

  • manage an entire project from business issue identification and data audit to model maintenance in production.



Are You AI Ready?

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We  help you to become competent about AI to mitigate the investment risk. And we help you take that a step further by providing professional services to deploy, architect solutions, and setup internal data science teams.

AI for risk and compliance

Harness the power of AI to stay current on ever-changing regulations, risk and compliance management to enable better decisions and regulatory governance. 

AI at Scale

Learn how to run, maintain and scale AI and machine learning solutions from pilot to production. Adopt a standard framework for developing and deploying AI applications and drive positive ROI for enterprise AI.

Trustworthy and responsible AI

AI ethical considerations have never been more important; however, parameters around AI remain vague and intangible. Learn more about the frameworks to help organizations test and regulate AI.

AI Business Strategies

To successfully align business needs and AI, there needs to be clarity in the resources required to make your AI project happen. Expand your scope on how to implement business innovation strategies in AI development pipelines. 

The Different Types of Artificial Intelligence 

While TAIR Labs may offer a variety of services, starting with an AI strategy roadmap to building a scalable AI infrastructure and production-grade AI solution deployment. We believe it’s important that our clients understand the different types If artificial intelligence. 

Reactive Machines

This is the oldest form of artificial intelligence systems. It has very limited capabilities – one of the reasons for that is their lack of memory-based functionality. It means that they don’t have the ability to “learn” from their actions.

Self Aware AI 

It is a stage of AI development that for now is only hypothetical. The main concept behind it is artificial intelligence that has evolved to be so similar to the human brain that it has developed self-awareness.

Limited Memory Machines

This AI system has the functionality of a reactive machine and additionally is able to learn from historical data. This way, it can make accurate decisions. Most existing AI applications known today are under this category.

Artificial Narrow Intelligence 

This type of AI represents all of the existing AI. Artificial narrow intelligence can only perform a specific task autonomously using human-like capabilities. These machines can do only what they are programmed to do.

Theory of Mind

Theory of mind AI is a work in progress. Researchers are working on this next level of AI systems that will be able to truly understand human needs. How? Thanks to analyzing human needs, emotions, beliefs, and thought processes.

Artificial General Intelligence 

This stage presents an ability of an AI to learn, perceive, understand, and function exactly like a human being. Once we reach this stage, we will be able to significantly cut down the time needed to train models.

Artificial Super Intelligence 

That would be the peak of AI research. Artificial superintelligence would become the most capable form of intelligence on earth. It would not only replicate the intelligence of humans but it would be better at everything because of overwhelmingly greater memory, faster data processing and analysis, and decision-making capabilities.

But so far, we have nothing to worry about. Artificial superintelligence is only an idea at this point.

Enterprise Process 

First, we do our best to understand our customers and their needs. We analyze where there is room for improvements and discuss were we can start: training, research or high-tech solutions  that would be the most effective.

Schedule Your Training

Our Enterprise Pro training is tailored to your organization's needs. We understand that taking a month or two out of your schedule to learn can be difficult. Clients can schedule their training online and expect to see their progress and assessments on their online profile or email report.  

Working from Home

Research as a Service 

We conduct technology research and feasibility assessments for emerging innovations. By leveraging our high-tech research facilities and technical expertise to tackle your toughest challenges, our solution delivery is fast & efficient. 

Our research services apply computer vision for ground breaking findings in multiple industries, in partnership with our academic partners. Do you have some mobility questions in your company?

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End-to-end Innovation Management

We don't just sell SAAS but a full suite of end to end services that keep a human in loop, and ensure  your organisations needs are met, every step of the way. 

Our innovation manager, manages your account and will optimise your service value by applying business strategy expertise to better align product deployment  with market trends and customer needs.

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