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We offer Joint Innovation

French Politicians

A great part of our mission is to facilitate the connected use of 4IR technologies to innovate for positive social and economic change. We want to further enable African governance to connect in the way we learn, connect in sharing how we are building and connect the innovators to continue fostering a collaborative innovation culture. 

We want to empower our leaders to make decisions on the future of technology, by understanding all its complimenting facets, by engaging local stakeholders and by investing in infrastructural development to support AI technologies

 Artificial Intelligence has a huge potential in different government sectors such as, education, physical infrastructure, transportation, telecommunication, data security and management, finance, healthcare, research and development, policymaking, legal and justice system, etc.; and it is vital for the authorities to recognize for implementing the same in order to improve the life quality for the citizens and efficiency of governance. For example, in the energy and utility sectors, AI can be applied in optimizing and predicting the energy utilization by developing power generation and balanced energy usage intelligent machines



Governance Consulting

Book a session with our AI consultants to get an evaluation and recommendation of how the government establish and meet their 4IR technology goals. 


Research & Development

To further establish a comprehensive understanding of a nations socio-economic challenges TAIR Labs can develop partnership to setup our Labs for  research and innovation purposes.  


Enterprise Training

Under our enterprise pro package we can curate customized course material for leaders in governing positions to better understand and navigate negations, innovation regulation and other dynamics of the 4IR ecosystem.


Innovation Management

Solutions from TAIR labs are tested or pilot under our innovation management model. Based on the clients needs, our innovation strategist will connect the dots between research, government needs, labs resources, stakeholder needs and connect the dots.

The interesting thing is that AI is just like anyother technology tool and we get to decide were and how its applied. My team and i not only understand now but we can put that into action

Robb Walters

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