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Documenting Africa's smart mobility efforts, current AI trends, opportunities and infrastructural needs.


As part of the TAIR Labs research and development program, we are currently exploring the future of smart mobility in Africa. 

 The strategic scope of the research will address the intersecting themes on the challenges and potential solutions in the transportation sector but will more specifically highlight and demo current smart inventions on the African continent, by Africans in the diaspora or targeted for implementation on the continent. 

Our research approach is to work with other industry players and experts to contribute towards increased local content/insights in the technology tools and infrastructure being used in the transport sector such as sustainable energy, safety and surveillance, payment solutions etc. 

This research track seeks to improve the efficiency, safety, cost and reliability of transport networks to optimize the quality of life and technology’s impact on socio economic development as well as opening up intra-continental industrialization. This will be done through modelling, experimental designs, development of digitalization solutions and prototyping both hardware and software aspects of the research projects. This documentary is an opportunity to open up public dialogue and engagement on the potential solutions and inclusive sentiment towards mapping out the future of smart mobility. 

540 Minutes

The first season will consist of  12 episodes,  that are 45minutes long, making it 540 minutes of action.



Our 25 agents have the total influence of 18.5million followers on social media platforms 

12 Inventions

We are currently still onboarding our inventions i.e electric and autonomous vehicles 

12 Inventors

12 academics & industry experts  will be interviewed on the current state of smart mobility

Electric Car


As the continent takes strides towards the EV revolution, we belive its 'smart' to educate the greater public about electric vehicles and the implications on day to day life. There is a knowledge gap we need to closebut there is also a 'trust'gap. We  believe the power of media can help  empower lots of Africans to gain confidence in a sustainable future but mostly importantly to become key stakeholders by daring to invent.

Charging an Electric Car


Our team is scheduled to interview inventors across the globe from Harare to London, but will be setting up the 'base' in Capetown. We will shooting on across multiple locations in the city and are currently seeking African founded companies, individuals, or companies operating in Africa's  smart mobility sector with sustainable  energy inventions to get involved in driving Africa's mobility Ambitions



Janet Sawari 

Executive Producer & Creative Director


Sandile Mdluli

Co-Executive Producer


Hlomla Dandala

The Host 


Lydia Kapangila

Business Development Manager

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