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TAIR Academy 

While The AI Review is a research focused company, we are also very passionate about education and making knowledge accessible.Our online academy was designed to make a range of courses and educational resources accessible for the curious student, the transitioning professional and upskilling business teams 

Building Robot Vehicle


Our academy model is powered by a large network of content providers. While our core market is not 8-15yrs we have collaborated with expert content partners to make online and offline classes available to junior members for CSI programs and the youth unpacking AI initiative. Key topics covered will include robotics, coding, gaming and more relevant to the fourth industrial revolution.


Find out how you can get access to these junior courses! 


Learn about cloud computing, data science, programming and other topics at your own pace. Get an opportunity to position yourself as knowledgeable and ready for a career transition into the various data science role's. Our online projects and hackathons will be the perfect way to show off your skills! 


Get started like a pro!

Male Student
Software Programmer
Businesswoman with Laptop


Empower your teams to stay up to date with the latest technologies, embrace a lifelong learning organizational culture and seamlessly train new recruits by making sure they know, what you know!

With the pro package, training material custom to your organisational use case is available. 

Start upskilling your team!

"Making 4IR education accessible is just the first step to an inclusive society"

- Janet Sawari 

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